An Attempt to Clear the FOG

In Progress:

I am finally working on upgrades to the site.

There is an unbelievable amount of inaccurate information circulating on the Web about Soviet and East German cameras. This site will attempt to clear up some of the misconceptions about the equipment and serve as a technical source. It will include Technical Specifications and comments.

As I built the site I discovered that I did not have the time to add the East German 35mmcameras. Just taking care of Soviet cameras and the Pentacon Six occupies far too much of my time. So I will provide links to several very good sites.

All information on this site has been verified either by first hand examination or from multiple sources in the literature. I have attempted to keep everything totally factual. However, please remember that all information is only approximate due to the paranoia about secrecy that permeated the Communist regimes production dates and figures were State Secrets.

Nathan Dayton 2000