An Attempt to Clear the FOG

There is an incredible amount of inaccurate information circulating on the Web about the cameras Produced under the Communist regime in the DDR(East Germany). This site will attempt to clear up some of the misconceptions about this equipment.

There is little documentation available in English. To be honest, the German documentation also leaves a great deal to be desired.

My interest is primarily in the Praktisix/Pentacon Six family of cameras. Initially they will be the only cameras and lenses covered in depth. As I have time I will add others.

However I will provide links to several good sites. There are actually several quite good web sites on East German cameras. Unfortunately, for most people they are unusable because they are in German. I have included the links because they will give a good starting point..

Please do not hesitate to send me additions. Feedback is always welcome.

Nathan Dayton

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